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6 Black and White Checkered Floor Types You Can Use in Your House

Interiors / May 31, 2019

Black and white checkered floor never gets dull. It is a classic and timeless choice that can fit in any interior style at any time.

It also gives a touch of richness and elegance. Besides, it can also make any room gains a kind of surreal look.

The last but not least significant value of this flooring type is that it has neutral colors. It means pairing it with any other interior elements won't be hard to do.

Until now, many people still think that flooring design is only suitable to make by using ceramic tiles. There are quite a lot of other materials ideal for it.

If you want to add the flooring style in one or more rooms in your house, check out the following list of 6 black and white checkered floor types based on the material used to create it. You can also know about the advantages and disadvantages of each kind so you can decide the best choice to meet your need.

1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is suitable to say as the most common one that people use to create a checkered-style floor in black and white color. It could be the one that is suitable to use in your interior too.


• Although people use it mostly for bathroom and kitchen, the fact that you must know is that it is suitable to use in any room, including the ones with high traffic areas.

• It is resistant to water, especially when it comes in glazed design.

• Black and white ceramic tile is also a durable material. With the high durability, you can consider this material as an investment that will last for up to 20 years or even longer.

• It is though and is not easy to crack. If unfortunately, a crack occurs because of a specific reason, you have to be thankful because ceramic tile is quite easy to replace.

• Ceramic tile is also one that is easy to maintain. If the flooring gets dirty because of some stains, liquids, or dirt, you can easily wipe them. Other than this, you need to do a regular sweeping and vacuuming once in a while to keep the quality.

• Because this material is quite easy to clean, it also becomes a non-allergen choice for you to consider.


• Some ceramic tiles come with no glaze. These are the ones that are prone to get dirty because of stains and liquids. In this case, a protective sealant is necessary.

• Moisture can affect the grout between each tile, so a protective seal is also necessary for it.

• For some people, ceramic tiles feel uncomfortable to walk on because of the cold and hard surface.

• The installation is time-consuming and meticulous.


diamond-style black and white checkered ceramic tile floor in a transitional kitchen design

This kind of flooring is always a perfect choice for a kitchen. It looks even better when the room also has the same black and white color scheme.

classic style underground basement with black and white ceramic floor

The classic way to arrange the black and white ceramic tiles can also look fantastic. It gets even better when combined with vintage-style furniture.

From this picture, we can also see that red is an excellent tone to pair with the checkered floor. It gives a nice pop to the entire room design.

surreal black and white floor in a contemporary bathroom

The use of black and white ceramic tiles in this contemporary bathroom design is proof that the checkered floor can add a surreal touch to any interior.

Even the floor is a matching pair for the yellow chair in there.

black and white ceramic tile in a traditional hallway

The strong black and white ceramic tiles can also be an excellent choice for your hallway. Even if it has high traffic, you should not be worried that it will easily damage the floor because it won't.

2. Linoleum Sheet

Another type of material that you can use to create a checkered floor in black and white color is linoleum sheet. For you to know, many people mistakenly think that it is the same with vinyl. Both of them are different.


• The first advantage, which also differentiates this material with vinyl, is that the contents are all natural and recyclable. Those include linseed oil, ground stone, and wood.

• It is more affordable than some other materials that people use to create the checkered design, including wood, stone, and ceramic. If being compared with vinyl, their prices are more or less the same.

• It is a durable option. Generally, this flooring type can last for up to 25 years. However, some have proven that it can last even longer than that.

• Linoleum sheet is available in a wide variety of patterns. That is why creating black and white checkered design won't be a problem for you. However, if you want to give more effort, you can also pair two types of linoleum sheet, which are black and white to build the flooring. The fact that you must know in this case is that this material is quite easy to cut and to install.

• It is resistant to water and moisture.

• It is effortless to clean too.

• It is a perfect choice for high traffic area, including houses with pets and kids. The reason is none other but because there won't be any significant wear and tear with this flooring type.


• Although it is resistant to water and moisture, it is not suitable to use in the bathroom, especially in the shower room. The reason is that linoleum contracts and expands, so installing it in an area with a lot of moisture can cause damages.

• Loosening and warping are possible to cause by the moisture from the sub-floor under the linoleum sheet.

• Be cautious of sharp objects because linoleum can get scratches and dents quite easily.


vintage-looking checkered linoleum floor in white and Tosca kitchen

As told earlier, linoleum comes in a wide design variety. You can even install a brand new one that has a vintage look like the one you see in the picture above.

diamond-style linoleum floor in black and white traditional kitchen

The use of this mate in the kitchen area is quite widespread. Look how amazing the black and white checkered linoleum in the traditional kitchen design above.

3. Marble Tile

Marble is another fantastic material you can use to create a black and white floor. It is one that will give you a fabulous look because of the natural beauty.


• It looks great because it naturally has veins that can erase the impression checkered floor must always have a solid and dull look.

• When polished, marble surface looks very smooth and luminous.

• It is advantageous in enhancing the radiance of any room because it can reflect the natural light of the sun quite perfectly.

• When the weather is hot, the flooring is also beneficial because it will give you a nice cold feeling on your feet.

• Marble is also a strong and durable material. That is why when you choose it to build the checkered floor you do not need to think about the replacement at any time soon.

• Marble is also resistant to fire.

• The maintenance is quite easy too. However, polishing is necessary to be done once in a while to keep the quality.


• The natural look of marble, including the veins it has, is undeniably beautiful. However, if the party who install it is not skillful, the result can look awkward.

• Marble flooring usually gets very cold during winter.

• The price is commonly way higher compared to the cost of any other materials you can use to build the checkered floor.

• A large amount of wasted marble is possible to result, especially when you want a precise sizing and veins-matching. It is also the one that makes the installation process takes much time.

• Marble is not resistant to acid. Contact with it may result in permanent staining on the surface.

• It gets very slippery when wet so you must take caution of this disadvantage.

• Once installed, it is not easy to replace.


black and white marble tile floor in a traditional entry

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

When you have a small room, it does not mean that you can only use small marble tiles to create the checkered floor. Using large ones can also look fantastic.

You can also pair the checkered floor with a black listing from the same material. The example is available in the picture above.

black and white marble floor in a transitional entry

Big black and white checkered marble can also enhance the beauty of your interior to the next level. Check out the picture of this traditional entry.

The grey veins of the white marble are quite visible, and it gives a distinct touch to the floor design. The fact that the entry also gains enough natural light from outside also makes the floor radiant.

black and white checkered marble tile in a laundry room

When there is a significant amount of marble material from the installation process done in a specific area in your house, it does not mean that you have to throw it away.

If possible, you can use the waste to create a smaller checkered design in a smaller room. The example is available in the picture of a small laundry room above.

the combination between black and white checkered marble floor and hardwood

Pairing black and white marble tile with other flooring material could be a good idea too. As an example, you can pair it with hardwood, as shown in the pic.

The visual effect that this design can create is a room divider.

black and white marble floor paired with brown wooden dining table set

When paired with the right furniture, black and white checkered marble flooring can also make the items look prominent. As an example, please take a look at the dining table set above.

4. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is another material you can also use to create a checkered floor in black and white color. People often think about it as the same with ceramic. However, they are different.


• One of the most significant advantages of porcelain tile is that it is very durable. That is why it is suitable to choose for an investment because it will last for a very long time.

• It cannot break and crack easily

• It is suitable to use in home interior and exterior. Besides, it is also a perfect selection for the high-traffic area.

• You can use it in a humid environment

• It is a non-porous material. That is why you do not have to worry about the growth of bacteria and mildew on it.

• The cleaning is effortless to do. The most recommended cleaner is the mixing between warm water and vinegar that will act as both cleaner and disinfectant.


• Extra pressure is necessary for the installation because porcelain tiles are not quite easy to fix on mortar.

• The strength and durability of porcelain make it hard to cut. That is why a professional party with stronger and proper tools may sometimes be necessary for the installing process.


medium size checkered black and white porcelain tiles in kitchen area

Because of the advantages, people often use porcelain tiles in the kitchen area. The black and white checkered style is also quite neutral to pair with any furniture choices.

black and white checkered mosaic porcelain floor

When creating the black and white floor, it does not always have to be big tiles to make everything look attractive. Tiles with smaller checkered design can also create a fascinating look like the one shown in the hall picture above.

black and white porcelain checkered floor in a hall

Although the small checkered style looks fascinating, it does not mean that the big one cannot look fabulous.

black and white porcelain tile in a bright transitional kitchen

Using a checkered porcelain tile floor in a naturally bright interior can also be an excellent idea. It is helpful to show off the beauty of this material.

5. Stone Tile

The use of stone tiles for creating the black and white floor design we discuss here may sound quite unusual. However, it will create a distinctly beautiful and natural look in your house.


• It is a strong material, which also means that using it for the black and white floor design will also give you a durability guarantee.

• The strength makes it an excellent material for places with high movement a.k.a. high traffic.

• It is a natural material. Besides, the process of producing it makes it an eco-friendly choice too.

• It is resistant to stains as long as you install it properly.


• It is way heavier than any other flooring material, which can sometimes be a problem.

• When not sealed, stains will be permanent on the stone tiles. That is why when you choose this material for the checkered floor you should apply a protective sealant at the end of the installation process.

• The strength can cause injuries in some cases like accidents.

• It is a quite expensive material. It is not only about the purchasing but also the installing process in which professional service is necessary for an excellent result.


limestone and granite tile floor in a farmhouse kitchen interior

Granite is the type of stone people often use to create a black and white checkered design on the floor because of the black color. Of course, we need to combine it with other material to gain the white tone.

In this example, the pair for the granite is limestone. The white color looks rather like ivory, and it is perfect for creating a vintage or rustic look.

mix granite and marble checkered flooring

Another material that often becomes the pair of granite for creating the black and white design is marble. You can see the example in the picture above.

granite stone tile in a transitional kitchen

Stone tiles with bigger size can also create a stunning checkered floor design. Check out this transitional kitchen design, for instance.

6. Vinyl Tile or Sheet

Another considerable choice of material to create a checkered floor with black and white color is vinyl. It comes in the form of tile and sheet, and each of them has its advantages.

Vinyl Tile Advantages

• Vinyl tile is durable. The durability makes it an excellent choice for rooms with heavy traffic.

• It is a suitable choice for the kitchen and bathroom concerning the easy-care point.

• It is quite easy to install. The design is commonly peel-and-stick. If you cannot find the one that -consist of the two colors, buy half of the tile you need in black and another half in white to create the checkered design.

• It is also an affordable choice to pick when you are in a tight budget.

• Although it is cheap, it has quality strength.

Vinyl Sheet Advantages

• It is the simpler alternative to the vinyl tile. It usually comes in the form of a single solid roll for more convenient installation.

• It offers comfort and durability.

• It is even resistant to stains and spills. If any of them found, you can clean them easily.

• It is also an excellent choice for moisture-prone areas. The examples are the laundry room and bathroom.


the use of black and white vinyl sheet for kitchen flooring

From this image, you can see proof that vinyl material can create the same look with regular tile flooring. At a glance, no difference is visible.

black and white vinyl tile floor paired with green cabinets

It is the picture of the use of vinyl floor in the kitchen area. From this picture, you can see that the black and white checkered design also looks good to pair with a colorful furniture piece, such as the soft green cabinets you see here.

a traditional dining room with black and white vinyl floor

Vinyl floor can also be an excellent choice for a dining room. Check out the picture above as an example.

black and white vinyl floor in a bathroom

And lastly, here is proof that you can also use vinyl material for creating a checkered floor design in a bathroom.

7. Final Words

Those are the six different types of material you can use to build the black and white checkered floor in your house. At a glance, the look resulted from the use of each flooring type mentioned in the lost above might be the same.

However, based on the advantages and disadvantages, each will offer you different things. Hopefully, you will find this post helpful in deciding which material type is the most suitable for your house.

If you decide to use a professional service to create the checkered floor, it would be nice if you can make a consultation first to find out the best material that is most suitable for the home structure, including also the environmental factors there, such as kids, pets, moisture level, and so on. Something like this is useful when you do not know what to choose.

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