White and Gold Area Rug

White and Gold Area Rug and 7 Best Interior Color Themes to Pair with It

Furniture / February 1, 2020

White and gold area rug seems to gain higher and higher popularity at this time. The fact that the colors are easy to pair with any interior scheme is the one that makes more and more people find it interesting.

If you are also interested in using the area rug in your house and you want to know further about it, you are already in the right place. In this post, we will share with you complete information about the seven best interior color themes to pair with the rug. Besides, we will also tell you about some basic knowledge about the floor decoration too.

So, read this post further to know about all those.

1. What Is Area Rug?

white and gold flower area rug in a living room


There is only one definition that we can use to describe what area rug is. In simple words, we can say that it is a type of interior decoration.

To be more specific, it is a floor covering that has a decorative value in it and is usually made from textiles. It is usually placed over another flooring surface.

However, it does not cover the entire floor area but only some parts of it. As an example, the white and gold flower area rug in the picture above covers only some part of the hardwood floor in the living room.

2. What Are the Functions of Area Rug?

a white area rug defining a dining space in an open-floor interior


An area rug looks like ordinary interior decoration. Although it is undeniable that this item has the decorative value in it, you must know that it is not the only function that you will get when you include it in your home design.

An area rug is effective in enhancing the comfort value in an interior. You can feel the sensation when you step on it with your bare feet. Something like this can be the reason why many people love to place a comfortable area rug near their beds.

This floor covering can also add texture to the floor. That is why this item can be useful to add to a room that looks too plain.

The next function is to define space. People look for this one, particularly when their living place has an open concept, in which no walls separate a room from the other.

In this kind of interior, the area rug helps define the function of space in your house. As an example, by placing the floor covering right under a set of dining table and chairs, it will be more apparent that the area is meant for eating.

As you may already know, the rug is now available in so many design options. Many of them even look artistic, so they seem more like artworks instead of just a regular room decoration.

3. What Are the Visual Effects Created by White and Gold Rug?

contemporary white, gold, and grey area rug in a luxurious living room


Now that you know about the definition of the floor covering and its functions let us talk more specifically about the main topic of this post. It is none other but about the area rug in white and gold color.

This kind of floor decoration seems to be on the rise right now. It means that it is one of the most popular items that people use in their interior design in the last few years.

Other than all the functions mentioned earlier, you need to know that this kind of area rug can create specific visual effects. The gold tone in it, for example, can create a luxurious impression.

Depending on the portion, the gold color can also create a warm look. That is why when the rug has gold domination; it becomes excellent to include in a room with a lot of cool tones to create a balance.

The white tone, on the other hand, can give your room a clean and bright look. If it looks a bit warm, such as in an off-white hue, it can even enhance the comfort value in there.

4. Where to Use an Area Rug with White and Gold Theme

Now, let us talk about the main topic of this post. It is none other but about the right interior theme to place the area rug that has a white and gold color.

Both of the tones have a neutral characteristic. It means you can factually include it in any interior color theme.

However, there is one crucial thing that you must know. It is that the rug will look the best when you include it in specific color themes only, as we will explain to you one by one in the following.

Interior with White and Gold Tones

faux white and gold zebra skin in a modern Asian bedroom


The first interior theme that will look excellent to pair with the white and gold rug is none other but one that also has the two tones in it. It does not mean that there should not be any different colors in there. We only say that the room where you place the rug on its floor must at least have a touch of white and gold in there.

If you need an example, you can take a look at the picture of a modern Asian bedroom above. In this room, it is evident that the color scheme includes white, gold, and black. It is enough to be the reason to place a white and gold rug on the floor.

Here, the choice goes to a white and gold faux zebra skin rug placed near the foot of the bed. As you can see, this item looks compatible there.

Similar Item: Hand-Picked Brazilian Zebra Cowhide Area Rug in Natural/Gold Color by nuLOOM

nuLOOM natural gold zebra cowhide area rug


Where to buy: Overstock

If you are interested in the zebra skin area rug in the example above, we found an item that has a very similar look. This one is the creation of nuLoom.

Of course, it is not a real zebra skin. As a matter of fact, it is a handmade Brazilian cowhide leather product that, because of a particular production process, gains a specific pattern in a metallic gold tone. In this case, the design is zebra skin.

The overall size of this area rug is approximately 5 x 7 feet. The measurement is quite large that it will not be hard for you to use it to create an attention-catcher in your room.

The color theme that it has becomes a perfect match for a modern or contemporary interior. Besides, you also need to know that this type of rug is not only suitable as floor decoration. If you want to, you can hang it on the wall as an artwork too.

Other than the look, you need to know that this item is also perfect for adding texture to the floor design. It creates a rich, soft, and plush sensation when you step on it.

White-Dominated Interior

white home office with white and gold rug


Another color theme that would be compatible with the white and gold rug is the one that has white domination. So, if you already have a white interior, it means there will not be any problem in including the floor covering in there.

Depending on whether the rug has more portion of white or gold, there will be different look resulted. If the dominant color of the floor accessory is white, then you will get a bright and clean look from the rug. On the other hand, if there is more gold tone than the white, then you will get a warm and luxurious look instead.

As an example, you can look at the home office picture above. Here, the room has white domination with gold accents here and there.

The floor is, however, has a rather dark look because of the dark hardwood material. Because of this, the addition of an area rug with more portion of white tone in the design is just fantastic. It erases the dark impression from the floor and makes the room looks brighter.

Similar Item: Marilyn Monroe Glam Collection Textured Geometric Trellis by Unique Loom

Unique Loom textured geometric trellis from the Marilyn Monroe Glam Collection


Where to Buy: Amazon

It is quite unfortunate that we cannot find an area rug that has a similar look with the one you see in the example. Although so, we can find this one that gives quite the same visual effect.

Generally, we can say that this is a white area rug that has gold lines as the accents. To be more specific, we can say that the gold details here form a geometric trellis design.

This item has a similarity with the one you see in the white home office picture because it also has white domination. A choice like this is not only perfect for your white interior. It is also excellent in making the room even brighter.

As a product, this area rug is available in a lot of sizing options. The material is the combination of metallic polyester and heatset polypropylene. It makes this item suitable for a high traffic area while at the same time having the kid and pet-friendly characteristics.

It is even resistant to water, stain, mold, and mildew. You can keep it clean only by regular vacuuming and spot cleaning.

Luxurious Interior with White and Gold Theme

elegant-patterned white and gold rug in a luxurious traditional living room


The existence of gold color in the rug design makes it perfect for a luxurious interior. Although so, it is sure that there must be white and gold colors too in the design.

Other than that, it will also be excellent if you also consider the use of specific patterning here. For example, please look at the picture above.

This living room has white and gold as the theme. That is why it is reasonable if you also find the two tones in the area rug that covers the glossy wood floor.

The thing that you must pay attention to is the type of pattern in the floor covering. It has elegant details that suit the interior design as well as the furniture choices.

Similar Item: Evoke Collection Ivory and Gold Area Rug by Savafieh

Safavieh ivory and gold area rug


Where to buy: Amazon

This area rug is an example of items that has an elegant and luxurious pattern. However, you can see that it looks quite different from the one we use in the previous example.

If in the example, the rug only has the pattern on the borders, this one has it in the entire design. That is why it looks busier. However, as you can see, this item has white as the base color for the golden patterns. It makes the rug still suitable to use in the kind of interior style that we talk about here.

FYI, the materials of this floor covering is jute fibers and polypropylene with high quality that can guarantee longevity as well as durability values. Moreover, the manufacturer also uses power-loomed construction to make everything better.

Neutral-Toned Interior

gold area rug with white flowers patterns in a neutral transitional bedroom


Another type of interior that you can decorate by using an area rug in white and gold colors is the one that has a neutral-toned theme, mainly if the color scheme includes the shades of white and tan. You can take a look at the picture of a transitional bedroom above.

This room is filled with neutral tones. Those include white, beige, and ivory. There are also some shades of gold that you can find in this interior design.

Because of all those, it is reasonable then if it is easy to include the white and gold floral area rug under the bed. Moreover, this floor covering is also dominated by gold, which is a warm tone. This characteristic matches with a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom very easily.

Similar Item: Magnolia Gold Modern Rug by Well Woven

Well Woven Magnolia gold modern rug


Where to buy: Well Woven

If you are interested in the area rug that you saw in the transitional bedroom picture above, you can check out this similar item. This area rug does not only have an elegant floral pattern. It also has gold domination with white as the color of the details.

This area rug is available in different sizes and even shapes. That is why you can choose one that fits in your interior design nicely.

The material used by the manufacturer in producing this rug is polypropylene. It also has 100% jute as the backing, so the product becomes safe to use on a wood floor.

Another excellence of this item is that it is easy to care. You just need to vacuum it regularly, but you must remember to use only a non-beater bar.

For even better longevity, you can use a rug pad under it. This accessory can avoid sliding and shifting, too, so it becomes safer for everyone, including kids.

Black and White Interior

black and white contemporary living room with white and gold rug


Black and white interior is also excellent to decorate by using an area rug with white and gold color. The combination of tones can even create something amazing, which is none other but a bold, elegant, and luxurious look.

As proof, you can look at the picture of the contemporary living room above. The interior has black and white as the most dominant colors. On the floor, you can see an area rug with white and gold tones. Here, the floor covering adds a luxurious touch in the bold and elegant room design.

Similar Item: Marilyn Monroe White/Gold Trellis Glam Area Rug by Unique Loom

Unique Loom Marilyn Monroe White Gold Trellis Glam area rug


Where to buy: Houzz Shop

For a similar look, you can choose this product to decorate the floor in your home interior. Something like this will look perfect in a contemporary or modern style.

With the dominant white color, this rug can add brightness in the black and white interior. Besides, the gold geometric patterns that it has won’t create any distraction while at the same time contributing a subtle luxurious touch in there.

About the other details, these are quite the same as the others. The material is polypropylene with metallic polyester as the combination. It also has cotton material for the backing.

It also has a lot of sizing options. Besides, it is an item that is quite easy to care too since you only need regular vacuuming.

Black and Gold Interior

white and gold cowhide area rug in a black dining room


When placed in a black and gold interior theme, the rug creates a quite the same look. It results in a bold, luxurious, and elegant visual.

Although so, you need to know that there is a difference. In this kind of color scheme, the rug helps to build up something bolder.

To prove it, you can look at the picture of an open transitional dining room design above. As you can see, black and gold are dominating the area.

The addition of the white and gold area rug under the table here is a good thing. It does not only support the bold look but, at the same time, also creating a brighter environment for more comfortable mealtimes.

Similar Item: Metallic Devore Gold on Off-White Cowhide Rug by Sunshine Cowhides

Sunshine Cowhides off-white rug with metallic gold details


Where to buy: Amazon

Here is an area rug that you can buy to create a similar look. The item that you see here is an off-white cowhide leather product that obtained the unique pattern from metallic Devore gold.

A product like this does not only provide a luxurious look and a comfortable feeling. It also gives the interior a unique value.

It becomes even more special because an item and another never have the exact same look. The cause is none other, but the fact that this item is natural and handmade cowhide leather.

Interior with Cool Tones

golden yellow area rug with white geometric details in a grey-dominated living room


The last but not least type of interior theme that you can decorate with the white and gold rug is the one that has the domination of cool tones. In this case, the existence of the carpet can make a difference, which is the fact that the floor covering can enhance the warm visual effect that can make the room feels more comfortable.

Although so, you need to know that to get the effect, there is only one type of rug that you must get. It is the one that has more portion of gold instead of white.

A good example is available in the contemporary living room picture above. Here, the most dominant color of the room is grey. It makes the room looks cool.

The addition of the white and gold rug under the table and sofa makes a significant difference. It does not only add warmth to the room design but also gives a cheerful touch in there.

Similar Item: Yellow Gold and Ivory White Rug by Savafieh

Savafieh gold and ivory area rug


Where to buy: Amazon

Here is a similar area rug that you can use in your cool-toned interior. It has a golden yellow dominant color and white for the Moroccan motifs. A color like this is excellent in reducing the cool impression in your house.

Something like this looks stylish and excellent for a contemporary home interior. Besides, the material, which is from premium-quality wool, gives you the plush sensation when stepping on the rug.

5. Closing

That is all the information that we can share with you about the seven most suitable interior themes to decorate with the white and gold area rug. As you can read above, the combination between the floor covering and each of the themes can create a different visual in your home. With this knowledge, hopefully, you can style up your own interior with confidence by using the particular type of area rug.

What do you think about this topic? Can you suggest any other color theme that will look nice to decorate with the rug? Share your thought here!

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